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Shout Log
Somewhere anywhere

So often times in this game, to the chagrin of a lot of players, policy is elucidated on via GM shout. Other times it's coaching. Other times it's information on bugs and issues that might be occurring right now in moo.

I'm proposing either a thread in New Features that syncs up to the game's GM shout channel and records them. Or perhaps a command in game to see all GM shouts in reverse chronological order(Latest to furthest in the past.) With an abort command if you don't want to view anymore.

I feel this would improve clarity and transparency and is overall a good idea.

This makes sense to me, but how many would we want to keep?

Just show past 7 days or something, I'm guessing? We definitely don't need five years of shouts pushed out to users, especially when some of those are nonsense or overridden by new policy.

Agreed on this. There's a lot of policy clarifications in global shouts that I think players could benefit from being able to review.

Alternatively, players themselves could just post new shout entries to the BGBB and maybe we could get the thread stickied. :)