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I gots the GPS and um...

I saw on another MOO that you could track players through there SIC sort of thing. Thought it was cool.

(Edited by Nayr at 8:04 pm on Nov. 5, 2004)

I think... You stole that idea from another MOO.


I know I thought it was a good enough idea to be put on sindome as well.

Don't try to present it as your very own idea. You had nothing to do with the development of that system.

And the SIC is not some upgradable device.

It's designed to be very small, very unobtrusive (except for the messages its spewing in your head) and not extendable. The hardware has your SIC ID burned into it. The SIC's purpose is identification and very limited communication.

A very small memory stores JUST your encryption keys. Your alias, your tag, who you last sent a message to are all stored on the central server, easily referenced by the ID in the SIC implanted in your neck.

Thats not to say that a future form of payment won't depend on your SIC to identify you as the person who's authorized to put charges on an account. Sort of like a debit card, only in your head. This is my plan for credit-based transaction used on gold, green and blue.

The SIC itself will not be extended, but its use as the defacto form of identification in the city will become more pronounced as things develop, I promise you that.