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SIC accounts terminals
Places to pay

As I was paying my SIC bill it occured to me that posh, wealthy people probably wouldn't want to lower themselves to travel down to the WJF tower to pay there bill.  So wouldn't it be kinda cool if there were a way to pay your bill on the upper levels or perhaps via some system like your NLM Quickterm?

Just an idea, not a really important one, but one nonetheless.

Maybe they could set it up to work like a cred chip, so it comes right out of their bank account.

Well, I see it this way...

a) Red has no posh, wealthy people

b) Gold is a commerical area and has the WHJ WCS term.

c) Green is where Gold-level corpies live - the ones who aren't wealthy enough for Blue, right? The upper middle class? 8k a week to most players is a lot only because most players are dirt poor - so they probably go to Gold on a semi-regular basis anyway. And they probaby use their phones more than players do.

Given this, the only place where the rich and richer really are is Blue. Why bother putting a City Services terminal on Blue if, what, three (?) players have the means to get there right now?

I think that there was talk of having SIC bills taken from your bank account a while back... I'm too lazy to look for it, but I think it's here.... Somewhere...