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sic acivity light
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Timmy

someting to tell you that the area in currently has sic coverage or not...

instead 'can you hear me now? can you hear me now? can you hear me now? good...'
wouldn't you be aware of the instant you're suddenly connected to the rest of the dome? like walking around in the dark, and finding another light switch... so maybe just a little charecter or word next to the place you're in.. like:
+ The Drome
for recieving a signal, and:
- The Drome --for being disconnected.

just an idea to get shot down for whatever reason. .

I don't know about that system persay but I agree that you should immediately know when you've lost SIC. With billions of people talking on it all the time, you would notice the silence. Then again, that might just be one of those unrealistic things about the game that we have to RP because it's not that important.

I'm not sure about the switch thing, but I think there should be something that lets you know when you go out of coverage.