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SIC Chatter

After reading the "treating Withmore like a summer camp" thread I got a bit of an idea.

Drugs have withdrawal and side-effect scripts that trigger periodically as a response to certain state changes.

What if we had scripts tied to SIC implants that periodically remind a player of the dizzying level of SIC chatter that floods through all the time.

Maybe a subconscious holding of the head or something to that effect that forces an IC acknowledgement of the condition of having a constant twitter style feed in your head.


I'm hesitant to add more spam...but I'm intrigued on the possibility of more ambience. Maybe we just need more ambient scripting that make use of NPC's and the like.
Being that I haven't really noticed any spam (or I have a high tolerance?), I sort of like that idea.

I also think more ambient scripting for the virtual population would be nice; it can sometimes be easy for someone to forget, even with the NPCs and blurbs that say what's going on when you enter a street room...

It doesn't really have to be spam either, it can be like the dream sequence scripts that already exist. It could be an active reminder of the possible stresses and strain of having to deal with the SIC.
I would love to see NPCs talking randomly, but I guess it might be relatively complex, wouldn't it?
The guy outside the Canary mouths off at random or at least when people walk by if I recall correctly.

I wouldn't see why there couldn't be some more scripted NPC chatter like a guy in a chicken suit outside Rikken McChikken or whatever it's called now shouting about their "great"... "chicken"...

A guy dressed as a dildo outside the Phallus Palace... A guy in a pizza suit outside of the pizza place... The list goes on.

I'm sure it would take a good amount of care in positioning and volume of NPCs like this, but a few couldn't hurt.

I second this. Some ambient chatter by NPCs would be interesting. No new NPCs would need to be added to this. Just let some store clerk spoof serving a customer now and then, let rychek scrub a glass or polish some bottle. Whatever. I think it could make hanging around in a place, waiting for some players to join, a little bit more interesting (and gives your character something to react to, like emoting to watch rychek while listening to a boring conversation)

Who knows. I think it could give the game a lot more depth and make the various locations feel alive.

I also would support making the little messages that get added to descriptions while walking the streets, for instance someone being dragged into an alley, fire at random intervals as emotes, or spoofing. That way all players would see the same message and it wouldn't feel like it's just the room description. Again, making the game feel more dynamic.

I'd like to see more chatter about the weather. Something that comes every hour with someone bitching about the weather. Both to inform the players on what's going on and add flare.
One thing I personally would think would be funny is a cacophony of snarky replies every time a player asks some variant of "How's Withmore tonight?" / "How's it going Withmore?" / etc