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SIC Darknets

We all love the SIC and use it on a daily basis, but in the IC world, public SIC is the most commonly tapped, cracked, tracked, and bugged means of communication within Withmore City.  Second to that are gridphone transmissions and openly talking in public.  Sure, you could use SIC encryption, but everybody knows who is talking to who when encrypted transmissions fly over public SIC, and if everybody in public SIC knows about it, it's garanteed that the WJF are looking into why citizens have to be so quiet about something that they encrypt their conversations.  So why not have different, highly illegal networks utilizing hacked SICs and SIC transponders?  Private networks on different levels that aren't linked to the public SIC network, and thus aren't traced by the WJF?  Perhaps it's merely a networked communication system which utilizes pre-existing equipment such as encrypted freqman 6Ks and some sort of base station within the city.  Scan the freqman 6Ks with their Secure Talk Cards to the base station, and the 6Ks will only communicate via the secure connection to that base station.  Perhaps people can be installed with secondary SICs that are dumbed down and only allow communication on installed SIC comms systems.  In either case, there ought to be ways for people to use the digital medium with a modus of privacy when being conspiratorial little suckers without having to do that using face-time.

Perhaps people should actually carry around encrypted freqmans 6Ks! :D

Well, there is one problem with that dome-side...

I like the idea of hacked SIC chips, maybe that don't have a "serial number" and are untracable, or harder to trace.  Maybe they have some new feature too, or maybe you don't have to pay for private SICs.   As all of you know, if there is something out there that people want hacked, absolutely nothing will stop them.

I dunno, maybe not but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

I like the idea of hacking a chip to change the serial number. However, if the law enforcement find a 'collision', a serial number that hasn't been 'assigned', or a number that has obviously been hacked such as '000000', the law will trace your chip and punish you. With that in mind, the application of hacking a number is greatly reduced. Perhaps you have a need to trick electronic systems utilizing SIC to think you are somebody else, perhaps you think you can hide well enough they'll never catch your, or maybe you're just trying to get the judges attention. IEDs anybody?

Hacking a chip to turn on and off would be a feasible feature, considering the chip is controlled by the mind.

Automatically rotating serial numbers or aliases might be a way to make the chip harder to trace at the expense of not being able to receive incoming messages.

Back to darknets, a nice way to implement this is to release SIC transponders in game.  First a person would need to get their chip hacked to allow adding and deleting of transponder links.  Once the user has the capability to add a network they simply need to know somebody who has a SIC transponder and get the connection codes. Any message sent to that transponder would then relay to everyone else connected. In addition, the owner of the transponder also has access to private messages sent between individuals >:( as would the owners of any other transponder on the same network. New commands would be similar to 'who network-name'.

Ooh reading through Cryer's post gave me another idea:  mirroring/cloning somoone else's SIC chip "mac address" for lack of a better description.  So you can listen in on their shit.  Now that would be some cyberhacker type stuff!

Also-  What about a SIC chip socket, so SIC chips can be swapped out as easily as skillsofts!  For the criminals and hackers that is, wouldn't be something you'd be issued upon entering the city.  to be real high tech you could even have one that would hold multiple chips, and switch back and fourth either manually to use different ones, or automatically as sort of a hiding-code swap-frequency hop sort of thing.

Some crook has a socket in the back of his neck thinking he's all slick till somebody punches him in his face, knocking the chip out, and steals his identity.