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SIC Viewer App

I just had this idea for a way to stay involved with the game, even if you can’t actively get online. Just like an app for our smartphones that lets us view SIC messages in real time. So like if something big is happening in the game, but we can’t be on for some reason, we can at least stay up to date on it. May be dumb. Idk
Ah so you want an app where you can learn IC infomation without actually being IC?
Yeah, this is a huge advantage. There's a reason you don't get SICnal when you're @ooc already.
Almost sounds like a cheat.
The admins have asked us not to let our accounts run when we're not online in the past. Like idling and then going back and reading SIC later. SIC is supposed to be fleeting thoughts that flit through your chip is my understanding. Asking a friend what you missed is good rp! I think it's exciting coming back to SICnal to see what's gone down.
You can run TinTin++ through a terminal on any Android phone no issue, I do it all the time.