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SICAD Modification
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Trancer

Ability to set how long an ad runs for more specifically, so we don't have ads running after an event has already passed *cough*

Its called purchasing them until the actual date of the event.

Thousands of years ago these really clever people invented a calendar and then the Romans modified it a bit. I'm sure you've got one in your house somewhere.

His point was, that you can only buy them in blocks of a week.


There's a thing called a 'week'..since you've heard of calendars, I'm sure you know what a 'week' is.

A 'week' only last 7 days, funny thing--no more, no less.

Heh. Check it out before you try and make some -else- look a little short upstairs.

Just don't buy the advertisement until a week before your event/show/sale/whatever.

That way you only pay for the time you need.

Honestly, its not such a big deal to have the ads run past the time. You see it all the time in the real world.