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SICAD prices
So many stupid SICADs

SICADs need a serious price hike. It was fine when the MOO was much smaller and had less trolls, but now it seems to be getting out of hand. I wish buying a SICAD was an investment rather than a joke. It's been flooded with ridiculousness, not helped by how painfully cheap they are for something that's broadcast to the entire city.

I don't remember what the price is, but maybe they should be monitored ICly by someone (Judges?). People who put in troll ads could get fined for Misuse or Disturbing the Peace or something.

I don't remember what the price is, but maybe they should be monitored ICly by someone (Judges?). People who put in troll ads could get fined for Misuse or Disturbing the Peace or something.

I feel like the pricing is okay...But the Judges should monitor them.

It gives room for everyone to display their inner asshole. Instead of monitoring, perhaps make it a matter of public record who paid for it? You could use a proxy, but it would be more traceable of who put up the ads.

I agree the ads need a price hike as a result of the trolling. Those ads are annoying and I feel like the person who submitted them doesn't take the game seriously. It ruins the immersion and I'm not the only one who feels this way. If players want to use sicads for the piss, they can, but then everyone should suffer by having to pay more so that it cuts back before it becomes common practice. I don't see how this can be dealt with in an OOC manner so price hikes will have to do.

Are the number of ad slots in the rotation currently unlimited? Perhaps there should be a finite number with demand-based pricing.

I kind of like it, as long as it's IC. It's more representative of the dome population as a whole including ambient population. Perhaps encourages people to ci as if there was 70 million chattering minds in their head.

I like the ambient SIC chatter scripts, too.

Agree with ExMachinae on this one, I feel like the more mindless chatter the better. 70 million people is a lot of minds, it should be just as obnoxious as it is useful. As for the ads, they're cheap for basic ones, but can add up quickly. Nice to give beginning chars an opportunity to invest in themselves in that way, and allow the heavy hitters to put up fancy long adds.

I still disagree. Many have IC'ly and OOC'ly. It adds nothing positive to the game besides 'accounting' for the ambient population and makes the cycle of ads longer, which is unproductive when people are actually paying for ads for legitimate business reasons.

Just have a PC employee for the appropriate agency vet and approve all SIC Ads. The goal being to produce high quality SIC ads...not necessarily high value content. It'll keep even the crap you don't like amusing.