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Simple cosmetics

It would be cool if we had hair dye.  Located in a grocery store on GOLD/RED, and Green.


While you're at it, how about some plastic surgeons

I do believe there are places which do specialize in cosmetic work.

Indeed there are places that specialize in such. However, why would I want to go to one to dye my hair a different color when I can pick it up a local store and do it myself?

I agree it would be cool.  Pefume to change your @smell, hair coloring, face paint. all that.  It is however, all stuff you can RP doing/having.

...yeah. But I'm saying there should be a place where you can buy these perfumes/paint/dye so you can rp it. I mean it's just weird wakeing up one day and tossing on your magical face paint that appears from nowhere.