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Single command UE option
Optional alternative to text menus

It would be useful in terms of efficiency (and accuracy to avoid mis-spending UE) to be able to assign UE directly via single command rather than navigating text menus, similar to how macros can be managed either through a menu or through @macros-X commands.

So for example:

@assign disguise 4

@assign strength 2

This is brilliant. Please!
Why do we have to write UE anymore anyways? When I joined (two years ago+), there was still @assign AE but it had no use. Isn't it outdated? Or is it used for respecs? If it's just used for respecs, maybe it could be hidden and @assign is the only command needed? Bit irrelevant maybe.

I do like your idea though.

Oh, nvm. 'help AE' sort of explained it to me, but it was updated in 2018 last. Still think @assign or like @exp would be simpler than two words for something that hasn't arrived yet.