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Siphon, siphon, siphon!
Vehicles, fuel drums, fuel cans, gas pumps..

Alright, so.. �I know you can fill a vehicle from a gas pump. �You can fill a fuel drum from a gas pump. �You can fill a vehicle from a fuel drum. �You can fill a gas pump from a fuel drum. �You can fill a fuel can from a gas pump. �You can fill a vehicle from a fuel can. �All of this thanks to the good old happiness of a fuel siphon (except where pumps are involved, I suppose).


    However.. �I noticed that you can't:
  1. Fill a fuel drum from a fuel can.
  2. Fill a fuel can from a fuel drum.
  3. Lift a fuel drum (or even use the lift command on it).
  4. Fill a fuel drum/can from a vehicle (buahaha, okay, maybe that shouldn't be implemented.. �yet)

Granted that lifting fuel drums is impossible anyway when they're full (they're damn heavy and huge as fuck!), when they're not-so-full (and not-so-heavy) you can use the 'get' command. �I think 'lift' should be more suitable, as you shouldn't be able to put a fuel drum in your inventory. �Whoo. �I would've @bugged this, but I wanted to include everything together here in a pretty little list for you all to marvel over.

Alright.. �so.. �yeah. �I'll post some more if I can think of anything. �Hoo-ha.

Oh yes!  Perhaps a 'roll' command, and a way to install (or set up with bits of wood/steel/debris/etc.) a ramp for vehicles that are able to tow such things (I.E. Supply Vans, Jeeps, WJF Field Explorers, WJF Paddy Wagons, etc.)

This would make things alot more easier for people who use such things.  Especially for you good ol' WJFers out there who're lucky enough to have a Field Explorer at the ready.


Thanks for the full and clear picture. Based on the numbers though and the fact that you technically move the fuel around with no problem (it may be more time consuming), don't look for this to get any code loving for a bit. The number of people in a position to use these objects is still countable on one hand.

What about for full fuel drums?  They're impossible to really move at all..  Which sucks when they're in a room that a vehicle can't get into.

I wanna siphon gas OUT of cars. Then slash the tires. Ruin the paintjob, and superglue quarters over the keyholes while I'm at it.

Well before that can happen, security systems should be implemented.   think that's why they're holding off on it for now.  :P

Yeah, you should definately be able to siphon gas out of cars onto the ground.... at one point or another.

I'm picturing the start scene from Demolition Man...

Or that scene from Spaceballs...

"She's gone from suck to blow!"


1 thousand and 1 uses for Spaceballs references.
So versatile.

Very, very true.  gods that movie rocks.

I like the idea but like johnny said if you can count the people affected by it on one hand then maybe it should wait off.

Now for the xsecurity system I think there should be som,e like from Australia with the flamethrowers and shit, that would be awesome.