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The Drugs in Drinks thread

Not sure if it's been covered, but would love to see the ability to put drugs in drinks.
While I think this would be *really* cool, my concern I guess is that people wouldn't want to order drinks from PC bartenders and would instead use the coded bartenders all the time for fear their drink might be drugged?
Coded bartenders would be more susceptible, as they put the drink on the bar. A PC bartender that hands you drinks might be safer/more reliable and encourage relationships or make bartenders useful in plots.
Of course it would have to have the added emote to ensure there is craftiness going on, "Blahblah pours something into the Whiskey Sour, and stirs it up."
I'd think that bit should only show if you're perceptive enough? I'm not a coder though, so I really couldn't say if that's possible or not.
It's a good idea and I think it's been suggested before. Somebody mentioned it's already implemented, I think?

Good lookin'! I knew it sounded familiar, I just didn't go back far enough.
What do you think is in those molokos up at the milk bar? ;)

But yes, making this something a PC bartender could do would be cool.

Gonna bump this and say custom mixed drinks is a massively suggestion for the cooking system.

And let us do shit like putting Lana in our bloody mary's and Marcy in our strudels.

Massively good suggestion*
Sometimes you're a mixer in need and you just need to slam a cup of lean.

Plus, you can't beat the excellent grape flavor of sneez-b-gone and vodka.