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Ski masks
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Lance

As a supplement to the shrouds (once they're fixed, of course), ski masks could also be added. Instead of covering their entire body, it would just block the head desc, leaving most of their clothes and possibly some nakeds visible. They could be still kept limited, but they would be more themely than wearing a whole shroud, and open up the chance for the person to be recognized more easily. Maybe even make the chances of them revealing their identity much higher than a shroud.

general masks that hide the "identity" of the wearer would be nifty, i mean there's plenty of halloween costumes floating about the game...

er... yeah.

Fix the damn shrouds first.  Please.  :P

i'll no longer wear a shroud icly due to the problems people seem to have interacting with you during certain uh... situations.  
it's an unfair advantage to shroud wearers.
just my two loonies.

I think I'll do the same from now on.  Its impossible for me to even look at people wearing shrouds most of the time.  Let alone interact with them (or fight them).  I know there are alot of people that don't seem to have this problem..  but..  there are still many who do.
I think I'll cut down on shroud usage too. The problem is what I wear underneath it now is so attention-grabbing I can't realistically sneak around :( . As of a few days ago, I've been abstaining from real combat while wearing a shroud until they're fixed, save for a short non-lethal 'scare' fight.

There's several bugs related to shrouds that affect other parts of the game that use a player name, too. I've reported the ones I've found so far, but I'm sure there are more...

Erm... Can't find a better place for this to go then here.

Oki kiddies.
According to the Johnny shrouds should be fixed� mostly.
Words like �shrouded�, �short�, �tall�, �man�, �woman� etc...  -should- work with the commands for combat, socials, addressing, following, cuffing, grappling, @trust etc.

Except for pick-pocketing. The pick-pocketing demons hate us all. Pick pocketing might work or might not, depending on the alignment of the stars and moon.

If you have problems contact the gods.

The end.
For now.

They are not fixed, and in my opinion need to be completely eliminated, unless along with fixing them severe penalities are imposed for using them. here is why I think that way:

ok firstly your vision would be hindered, no matter how you look at it, at the very least you would have perefial (sp) vision, and therefore your perception should be reduced substantially.

unless your naked under the shroud your snaps, zippers, buttons, pistols, swords, gear, whatever is going to get caught up in your shroud, hindering movement big time. �ever try using something with your hands with a sheet over your head? yeah, it's possible, but not to any degree of proficiency, it would make it much easier for you to drop things, and misfire weapons, and HOW IN THE HELL COULD YOU PICKPOCKET SOMEONE? really now stop and think about this. �your wearing a shroud you go to stick your hand in somebodies pocket, now unless your target is the least perceptive person on the planet, and drunk out of his mind on top of that, even the best thief would not be able to steal your shit without you noticing. oh yes and my above example was with a thin sheet, if I'm not mistaken a shroud is described as being thick material (so now go try to handle shit with a thick comforter over your hands, even more difficult, and pickpocketing, definately impossible) �

another thing, shrouds hang below your feet, so if you are attempting combat, you would be lucky, or extremely skilled not to trip and fall over your face, hell I could take on someone twice my size and skill if they had a blanket over them just by wrapping them up in it. �

I could go on and on, but I think my point is taken. �my charcter hasn't used a shroud for months, and will not probibaly ever use one again, I would wear a ski mask type of thing, hell invest in a set of clothes you never wear, except when wearing a ski mask, or hell get some generic clothes from the clothing depo. slap on a ski mask and bingo you still have full use of all of your skills.

I would love to see shrouds banned, though honestly I don't see it happening, so please place some restrictions on shroud users, no pickpocketing, no combat, or severe negatives to combat. �maybe when hiding a decent chance to trip and fall totally revealing yourself. �and some negatives on your stats.

just my opinion, though I think a pretty realistic one, I'm sure people will disagree so those of you who see where I'm coming from back me up here.


Actually, it doesn't hang below your feet.

It's not a robe, it's a bigass poncho with a floppy hood. I should know, I wrote the damn descs :P

And the reason I wrote it as a bigass poncho is because ponchos are open on the sides, which let your arms out of you need them out and allow you easy access to whatever's on your hip/belt/thigh. Just like they did for mexican bandits in bad westerns.

The reason I originally desced a material that way was because admins didn't like me sneaking around in Judge armour - the shroud was thus originally meant as a simple material for RP purposes.

But, IMHO there should be some penalties tossed in for fighting in one, though.

in that case can you see what shoes the person is wearing? I don't remember from the description.
if not it should, and if it hangs low enough to cover your shoes, then you should have a chance to trip.

and for god sakes make it work right.  (not a knock on the admins I know you work hard, the game is in beta, and so on) just a quick rant I guess

Ignoring the stuff that you don't like about shrouds, like, what they conceal, allow you to do, etc. What is broken from your observations? I've gone thru this with Bias and Aikao and had them a ton of things against each other to test these out and I fixed everything they found with the exception of pickpocket (not much I can do there without -serious- overhauling).

If there are related bug reports, please provide the bug numbers. And no, just tell me the jist of the bug you submitted is NOT enough, there are over 1200 bugs in the system and I'm not hunting.

Thats how I picture the shrouds.  Sorta like that thing the guy in scream wears.  I was at work today, and it's kids night at papa ginos, so we all dressed up.  I bought one of those scream costumes, and just didn't wear the mask.  I went out for a butt... and I thought 'Hide'.  So I stepped into the shadows and it was pretty tough to see me... I scared the shit out of one guy.  Then someone I knew walked by, and I said whatsup, and they had no idea who it was.  It made me think of the ic shourds.  I've always pictured them like that, from the description.
Johnny, how are we supposed to know what the bug number is? I've never gotten one when I've submitted a bug before.
Oh, and what's wrong with pickpocket? I've been pickpocketed before while shrouded. Seems silly for it to be able to happen, but I didn't know it was actually broken.
no there's other problems, I dunno the bug number, but feel free to talk to sable, I sent a log, and a bug sable handeled it, if you have any questions about it, talk to me in the game, or here even.

(Edited by Jotun at 10:06 pm on Oct. 30, 2003)

I've noticed a problem, I think..

Ike was pokin' about, sitting in the Drome, not shrouded at all, just talking to people..  Then he decides to leave and meander through the city.

He gets up, leaves, walks around a bit before stepping into the shadows so as not to be seen by anyone he doesn't wish to be seen by..  And after a little ways he throws on his shroud.

But he is not a shrouded so-and-so in his description...  He's still Aikao.  What's up with that?  He didn't talk to anyone while wearing it..  And hadn't even wore it any other time within the last day or so, so he couldn't have revealed himself in it.  Why didn't it work?

I've noticed that the shrouds rarely work for me anymore.  For instance when Ike bought this most recent shroud, it didn't work for two weeks, and then he got a couple uses out of it, and now I'm just type "wear shroud" and wishing for the best, but not expecting any outcome.  :(

Just how good do you think you are at disguising yourself?

Perhaps such an act can't be preformed by the casual wearer without some skill?


Okay, answers my question.  ;P  I thought it might've been somethin' wrong as they worked differently before.  

Guess they were "broken" back then, eh?  :P