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Skills and UE
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Orwin

I was thinking the other night, well , we have to raise our skills and stats by raising or ue...right? well for begininng characters that sucks, cause we got nothing. My previous chars were built up over time but now that i'm back at ground zero i just thought we should find a way to implement our skills into our RP by like everytime we get into a skirmish involving one of our skills it should be upped just a little each time, withut using the UE. ya know so like you get into a knife fight with somebody and you short blade skills increase just a little, not a lot now, but enough to tell a difference after sever this making sense? Sorry i'm just kinda rambling as thoughts come to me... But I think that would really help new peeps get artound with out getting killed in the 1 week....

I think I heard something about assigned experience that is supposed to work like that but it isn't in the game yet.  I could be worng, so don't take my word for it.

I think that would be awsome. Plus, I need more ue and i can't get more than 3 a if there was a way to up a skill in other ways it would be really cool

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but you don't see the gaping flaw with that?

People would sit in their rooms all day long with @fatal off and spar. And they would sneak around everywhere to build up their endurance, and RP would take a back seat to Skill improvement, and we'de be a MUD.

Assigned Experience (AE) is not yet coded, but would work basically from classrooms and other training facilities. NOT from usage. Because it's just WAY to abusable any other way.


Thats a good point, I hadn't thought of that.

One thing I -love- about stats and skills in SD, is the UE system. It promotes RP over PGing (powergaming/point-gaining) - anyone who's played UO, EQ, and most any MUD can see that all it does is encourage people to kill shit all day, and the most powerful characters stat-wise end up being those whose players spend -all day- whacking things. (You may all interpret that as you like.)

One alternative system I've seen, is on an RP UO server - it's called ROT (Rate-over-time), whereas there's maximum gain per day on any given skill, so long as you -use it- periodically. But, in the end, it still ends up the same as the current UE system. If you want to get buff faster, then there's only one thing to do: assign your UE intelligently, play for a few months and figure out what stat affects what, and assign your UE accordingly to what you want your character to be good at. But then, you'll just come to realize that almost every stat affects almost everything, so, just play and have fun RPing. When you're new, 3 UE a day is amazingly plenty.....besides, the only thing having newbie stats keeps you from doing is being *really* intimidating, and may also dissuade you from edging into the finer points of true badassery. Instead of concentrating on raising your stats so you can kick ass yourselves, concentrate on making money and friends, so you can find people to hire to kick ass for you. Don't forget Fugitive Trackers, also!

And you should all raise your charisma so you won't smell so bad anymore. Unless you want to be known as Stinky McOdour.

OK I like the training thing  ...cant wait to see it implemented

Don't forget the power of fighting with a group.  You get a couple friends together and you can go beat down the guy you could never take on your own.  I think the current system works fine and ae, when implemented, will add some help.  Playing at first and feeling like a nobody can suck, but once you get into it, the roleplaying is fun as hell and can get you pretty far.  Brains over brawn and all that stuff.

What's UE?

Ahahahahahaha.  That's a good one Nic.  Funny stuff.

What's a Nic?

It's like a sic only......Nicadeamus.

Alright, so we've read has some interesting opinions but as I chow down on my pink frosted donut that I got for free (because my charisma is past the curve and I know how to tip), I can't help but feel blessed to bestow some wisdom upon you all.

If your a mixer. Yes, YOU. Podscum of the earth. You can either go Combat Monkey, which is a dime a dozen...praying you train wisely...or you can find a niche which hasn't been tapped. The latter, is harder...and usually require the subtle don't give a fuck attitude of an oldbie...but can be done. Or you can be a corpie, and wha'am bam thank you ma'am collect a check.

But what I'm really trying to get at is that there are more vices and shit to Sindome then what you're presented with on a daily basis. Sure, we all see the badass uber combat I'm gonna own you if you don't bow down to me people...but there are other people out there. Who don't stand on top of hills and announce there grandeur.

You've got options. Next time you create a character, or even before you @assign...maybe send an xhelp out there and ask...WTF can I do with these skills.

On a side note, fuck that assigned experience crap. I've played every damn mud in existence and AE typically works for assclown who has macros. 'nuff said.

EDIT:  I was totally drunk and didn't mean to post her...HAR!

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 4:08 am on Mar. 10, 2008)

Wow I can't believe I was for that waaay way waaay back when. (I didn't think I'd been around that long ....)

You really hadn't Lillith. Neither had I.  Good times.