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Skillsofts & You

   I was thinking about how skillsofts work and how it's just a matter of money for a person utilizing skillsofts to catch up or perhaps surpass a player who's been around for a greater amount of time who might not have want to work cybernetics into there character with IC motivations, and thought maybe it's a little too simple for a someone without skills to gain up to expert in a skill with just slotting a piece of silicon in their head.

   It's not terribly hard to come by 90k these days, theres enough money between the players for the newer guys to make out quite well... I was just thinking perhaps it'd be more balanced for skillsofts to do a check on intelligence to determine how much information you can take from them. You'd still have the four flavors of skillsofts and they can serve has a min/max.

   I was just thinking, you can give someone all the information in the world but what they do with it or how well they work with all the information would be dependant on the person and i think an Intelligence check would best serve the ability to reflect that. Just a thought, it might be making it a bit too complex then is needed....

   Also, I'll beat everyone to the matrix references... In the Matrix they download information on how to fight/fly helicopters etc. But in the matrix world, how well they use that newly acquired data, such as fighting is directly related to their ability to free their mind and open it up to what the matrix truely is. They may have perfect form, but they have their own limits to how effective they can be with said form.

Eh, I don't really care...Skillsofts don't do anything for me to be completely honest. So...umm...yeah.
All skill checks incorporate a stat check, so theres no need to add a secondary check.

There is a singular motion that was put forward by one of the staff in favor of having the knowledge become available over a period of time after slotting it, but I'm not so favorable towards that. I like the matrix-like 'Tank, I need to know how to pilot this helicopter' instant download of knowledge to the brain.