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Skintone/disguise Nanos
Blend into the crowd...

While thinking about wigs and disguises I stumbled across an old post with a fun idea for a new nano-injection. Here's a rough pitch:

VS Blending Skin-Pigment (or something adequately distinguished from chameleon nanos)

Allows the user to change their skin tone, hair, and/or eye color over the course of days or weeks (depending on balance). Also allows the user to apply a basic disguise on-the-go (similar to a hairstyler or makeup) by typing /blend.

Since skintone is locked in now, I thought this might be a fun idea. There's a bit of overlap with cyber-eyes on eye color changing, but this is more of a subtle approach, where cyber-eyes always seemed like a "IMMA CYBORG" kind of option. I don't think new chrome/nanos get put together much, but this seemed fun to me at least.

I think in principle you could roll those types of additions into the existing Metachrosis, which has similar flavor and extracts some steep penalties for it's relatively weak effect.
Agreed. Seems like a perfectly reasonable use case for metachrosis.