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Sleep Kill Warning
(Y)es or (N)o

I've been seeing alot of corpses of what looks like sleepers, lately.  In cubes and such.  I propse a slightly OOC solution.  When someone goes to type 'kill sleeper' or whatever, have a prompt like this..

[OOC: Killing sleepers is looked down on for so and so reasons, and it is suggested that it only be done in extreme cases.  Do you wish to continue]

Since, sleepers have no way to fight back, and no way to wake up even, unless their controller signs them on at exactly the right moment I think it would be a good idea to warn/remind people that it's looked down on.

I agree completely and I suggested this to the rest of the admin awhile ago. Like a lot of things, I either received no feedback or was told it wasn't that big of a problem. Frustrating? Definitely. I apologize on our behalf to those poor bastards who were killed (or worse, perm'd) in their sleep for no good IC reason. Blame democracy or something.

*echoes Nemi*

It won't stop all the people doing it, but it'll make some of them stop and think. Newbies spring to mind, sometimes they don't *know* what they're doing is wrong. I mean, the characters can all come back, right? They've got several lives?


Chienne is a nOOB.

And of course I agree with all of the above.

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 5:14 pm on May 3, 2006)

Yeah, being killed when you disconnect sucks.


Yeah, that shit is whack like crack.

Quote: from ReeferMadness on 8:35 pm on May 3, 2006[br]Yeah, that shit is whack like crack.


The last time I sleep killed someone, it was one of those situations where there just wasn't an alternative, you know? I mean, if you had someone in the position I had them in, you wouldn't be waiting around for them to wake up to get rid of them. But anyways....

yeah, don't gank someone becuase you feel lazy and want to get their gear easier. Thats why I figure most people do it.

The alternative would be to say drag them somewhere unpleasant, lock them up for a while? Humiliate/disfigure them? Killing people who are asleep just sucks in my opinion no matter what the circumstances.

Someone who's posted here is guilty of perming a random oldbie they found sleeping in a cube... ;)

Quote: from Rastus2 on 7:00 am on May 5, 2006[br]Someone who's posted here is guilty of perming a random oldbie they found sleeping in a cube... ;) point exactly.

Kinky. :spank:

Quote: from Rastus2 on 5:30 pm on May 4, 2006[br]Someone who's posted here is guilty of perming a random oldbie they found sleeping in a cube... ;)

Someone out there is guilty of waiting for a random oldbie to lose connection before sleep robbing/killing them.


Why kill them?  It's easier to just steal their gear and wait for them to fall asleep outside with more gear ;)

I'm for the sleep kill warning.  Also, I'd like to suggest we have a 'three strikes' sleep kill system, where three consecutive sleep kills either puts a player character on some sort of naughty list or kicks/bans them from playing.

Just a thought and two chyen,


Sometimes it -is- IC to sleep kill someone.  Or rather, it's just OOC -not- to.  But those are far and few between.

The reason I see people sleep killing is because they don't want the person to get the wakeup dream script, and they want to be able to get all the persons chyen without spaming pickpocket.

Thats why I also suggest, as I have in the past, that a persons chyen show up when you frisk them, in the same way that it shows up on a corpse.

Either that or have it set so that when you pick a sleeping person you get it all, no matter what your skill.

Maybe it's just my perception of things, but that it kind of sucks to sleep kill anyone, because, essentially, they are offline, don' t know what's happening, and cannot get in on the RP of their character's demise.  Using code to kill someone, however easy it is to just type 'kill <insert random sleeping character here>' is not an IC solution to anything.  No RP is generated from it, and at worst, a player has lost a character.  I may be preaching to the choir here, but losing a hard earned character fucking bites the llama's hairy ass, and if it's IC for one character to sleep kill another, there had better be a good reason and some excellent RP involved when the dirty deed is done.  This is a MOO built on RP.  The code is there just to make RP easier, and it should not be used as an exploit to easily kill off another character.


Hell, it might be interesting to see implementation of some sort of automated chance that the sleeping character will wake up, and a bit of 'sleep fighting' will ensue, in which the sleeping character, though offline, can fight an attacking opponent and remember it when they wake up, or perhaps not remember it, only to find a dead corpse lying next to their sleeping spot.

Just two more chyen,


That was actually talked about before, but then you have to factor in weapons and shit.. like most characters use weapons and what if it's in a sheath, and yada yada yada.

Basicly sleep killing is bad, I was talking about serious extremes when it would be needed.

What if there was a sleep setting where if someone tried to kill you, you would have a certain weapon in a sheath, and when they attack you this code automatically wields it and uses it. The only problem would be when the person ran out of ammo(if it is a pistol) or if they won. I dont think any person who just woke up and got in a fight is going to go right back to sleep... so what would happen if the sleeper won?

The problem is that the sleep combat would be silly.  I think it would cause more problems then it would fix.  It would essentialy make it seem 'okay' to kill a sleeper, because they technically put up a fight.

My vote is still for a warning that tells the person sleep killing is really frowned on and that there could be OOC repercussions for killing a sleeper.

Well, we could do something like this :-P

Jax falls to the ground in a heap, his breathing grows slow and
shallow as he begins to die.

You sleepily grab a corpse of Jax and pull it close, like a stuffed kitty, as you fall to the ground in unconscious heap.  Perhaps it was a dream?

Come morning:

You wake up, retching violently at the stench of a nearby corpse around which you have wrapped your arms.  What the fuck were you doing last night?

It's a matter of weapons though.  The sleeper wont know to reload their pistol, even if it was coded so that they got it out of there sheath.

Plus what if there are two people attacking the sleeper.  The sleeper wont know to change postures or try grappling, or fleeing.

I feel like adding code like this would just give merit to the idea of sleep killing someone.  Like, it would make people think it was alright.  

Instead of adding extra code that would allow sleepers to fight, perhaps we should work in the opposite direction.  Add extra code that will allow for IC consequences that are easily implemented.  Perhaps street cameras operated by Terra, or a sleep-kill log that allows GMs to determine who killed whom, with what, at what time, and where.  That way, we don't encourage sleepkilling, but discourage it with IC consequences.  The Dome is populated by 65 million people.  Who is to say that one of them might not call Terra about a maniac killing bums on the street with an axe handle?  Hell, the old wanted poster works wonders when one's face is plastered all over the place, or perhaps when bounties put up at the Fugitive Tracker terminal by interested parties get your ass toasted.  Maybe the merchants in the mix get word around from the population to watch out for Mr. Sleepkiller, and blacklist him for doing it.  We need discourage blatant sleep killing by showing players that there are definite IC consequences for killing someone in public, even when there aren't any other player characters around.

i think that if the ooc message is posted warning about looking down on sleepkill, that is ok. i've been sleepkilled once, and sleep-robbed once (twice, if you count when i was killed :p  ) and it is a scary thing to wake up dead.

ooo.. .ooo... but if when someone was going to sleepkill a char, and the first attack didnt kill them dead, it would be sweet if the dying char's player would get a page or email or something saying

subject: you are under attack!!
body: Your character is getting attacked. you have 1 minute to log on and defend yourself.

... ok, maybe not. but it would be funny to see some guy sitting in a meeting at work and his pager goes off saying he's about to get sleepkilled and he jumps up and runs from the room and the whole meeting is just sitting there, slack jawed, wondering what the hell, thinkin maybe he's sick or his wife is in labor or something, and he's logging on to the dome to save his char's ass..