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something I've been considering.

Something I personally think would be cool.  Slings for rifles, SMG's, shotguns and such: tactical slings, they could be used similar to holsters in that you could 'wear' them, and they would keep the item secured to your body, but it it was a tactical style sling you could also draw/stash the weapon without taking it off of the sling.  So in effect it kinda hangs there under your jacket, or across your back or whatever, and then you can whip it out yet still have it 'slung' if you will. Could technically help your aming too if you held it in such a manner that the sling was taut in your hands, or wrapped around your forearms or whatever, giving you a better hold of the weapon.

Good lord, for the love of multiple inheritance...

If I had my way, all clothing would be containers, and inventory as we know it would be eliminated entirely. You'de have what you could hold in your hands, what you could wear, and what you could fit into clothing. Larger clothing would be bigger containers, so a pair of pants could only conceal 3 pistols but a trenchcoat could conceal a rifle. The inventory command would change to tell you what's in your pockets. Hold would work the same (retrieving it from the clothing), and freehands would choose the first avalible pocket that would fit the item, starting with your torso and leg clothing and moving outward if necessary (that way your pack of smokes won't alway end up in your SHI construction helmet). Removing an item of clothing would effectively remove the items stored in it from your inventory. The size of the clothing container would be based upon it's coverage; more coverage == more storage ability. From a usability perspective none of the commands would have to change except if you wanted to place a specific item in a specific piece of clothing (stash magnum in pants), and totally naked people couldn't carry anything besides what they can carry in their hands.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

It's just I've been thinking about the whole worn gun and unlimited inventory problem, and I'm pretty sure this would fix most of the issues.

Baring that, a sling's a pretty good idea.


(Edited by Kevlar at 5:23 pm on Feb. 25, 2004)

Do a search kev, Rastus thought of this concept long ago. Try 'pockets' or something similar in your search.

Well I never claimed that this was a new or orinigal idea...

I searched the boards pretty well and found numerous examples of people suggesting it, but nothing specific as to how to best implement it, and no nay-sayers for the idea.

Oh.... and something I'de like to clarify: I think the term 'pockets' can be avoided entirely. It's sufficent to say it's in your pants, and people can draw their own conclusion as to weather that means in your pocket or your waistline. Trenchcoats arn't going to have 'pockets' big enough to hold a rifle. And a hat wouldn't have pockets, but you could still stash a cigarette or photo in it.


(Edited by Kevlar at 5:25 pm on Feb. 25, 2004)

The whole storing stuff in clothing, rather than your arse crack thing is an excellent idea.

I was, however, under the impression that containers were taken out of the game due to people being twinky fuckers and storing the entire population of china in those little wooden boxes everyone used to have.

But, if it can be done without being open to being abused, then it's something I'd love to see.

I totally agree Kev, in fact I think that would kick ass.  I was told that backpacks and footlockers will be around  soon so I'm guessing that we are getting close to something in that neighborhood.  Before it's implimented there should be a topic about ways it should work too, and there is another thing to take into account:  Chyen.  how much could you carry where and whatnot, you obviously couldn't put a handful of coins in your waist band, but if you had a belt and clothes that fit well you could ideally fit multiple pistols in that same waistband, as well as the small of your back. but could you carry a pistol in the waist band of boxers?  probibaly not.  If you used coverage to determine storage space that may not be the way to go either for example your suitpants arent going to have the same storeage area that cargos are.  to sum up my thoughts it would kick ass if stuff worked like that, but there will be some grey area as far as storing stuff in clothing.

*opens his box and waves at China*

*waves back*

*jumps out of the box, butt naked, and pulls out a gun..  from his..  inventory..*

*completely ruins the thread*