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Slip notes or photos under a door.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Alia

it would be cool to be able to slip letters or photos under doors...
no biggie...just an idea for the file...

Oh wow, that's a great idea. So simple, yet it opens up so many RP situations.

Though it might not be simple to implement. You'd need to say which objects are flat, which doors are non-airtight, and... well that'd be about it. maybe it would be simple, I dunno, I don't code.

(Edited by Jadael at 5:35 pm on Dec. 28, 2001)

Wouldn't be too easy to do consistantly for the reasons you mention... The verb to slide objects under doors could perhaps be placed on certain 'slidable' objects, rendering it possible to slide them under certain kinds of doors...

I'll keep this at the back of my mind along with all the other cool little RP verbs I plan to get around to one day (force <person> into <seat>, plant <object> on <person>, point <person>, kill me, etc)