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Sneeking in windows
B and E

I noticed that in the New Rose Hotel, you can look out the window to see whats goin down on the streets. There should be a fire escape that connects to room windows, so people could sneek in if you leave it open or unlocked or something.

<sarcasm>Yeah, let's make it easier for people to sleep kill, cause that's the funnest thing in the world for everyone!</sarcasm>

It wouldn't be any different then leaving your damn cube door open/unlocked.

Yeah, but there's a difference between just closing the door to your cube behind you and remembering to close your window after you're done yelling out the window at people.  Besides, I don't think they are supposed to be very big windows.

Ah, yeah, I guess I forgot to take into account the size of the cube...

The building was retrofitted by gutting the space that used to be occupied by rooms and using helos to drop plastic prefab cubes into the same space. The structure of the building stops where the hallways do.

There is no fire escape to individual cubes.

This is why it's the -New- Rose Hotel and not just the Rose Hotel. :)

I did notice that you couldn't snipe out of certain windows in cubes at NRH.   (though you should) :)

It's very true, only -some- windows can be sniped out of at the new rose. I believe you can look at them and see why.