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Sound travels
Let it be heard

In light of the new interest in the musician trade - can we make the music heard a room or two separated from the stage it is performed on? LIke you roll up on the club and there is ambient messaging about music or bass or whatever (maybe dependent on instrument played?) coming from the club or from down the street. Would add some cool ambient flavor to music venues.

This would be amazing! Also, tell us how good it sounds as well, to draw us in!

Great idea. Could also make bouncer/bodyguard roles more interesting for those who guarding outside of clubs.
Love it. Shouts already travel rooms away. Would be useful for alerting nearby people to RP happenings
Could expand this to include being able to hear especially lively chatter and noise from inside a bar to indicate that there's players RPing inside. Now that bars have doors you can't look through anymore.
This would be so useful, SoulTune.