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Speeders and SpeederBikes!!!
things that go swoosh and b00m!!!!

Cars are comming out, but what about the AVs, Giros and the such?

I know it will take far more time to bring them into action due to their 3D route capabilities... So my idea is the following :

Speederbikes and Speeders, yeah I might be watching too mutch star wars, but is as simple as that. A car that has no weels and uses piloting instead of driving skill.

what you think, huh? HUH?

*jumps on his pink speeder and goes away in a w00sh*

I can agree with that woosh, I think I may have read something about that on the development part of the web page....
it could have just been a paranoid delusion though..

I want a flying taxi just like on the 5th element, a movie with a decent cp setting btw..


The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies, mind you. And I don't care if anyone out there hates it...I think it kicks ass. And another thing, I would call The Fifth Element more Sci-fi than CP, but it does have some CP elements, you're right.

That is all.

The 5th Element is best described as a tongue-in-cheek, pulp sci-fi comic taken to film format. Which is why it's so great.

But here's the thing about speeders: in Star Wars, it makes sense for them to be around - Luke's civilian model is made for offroading. No suspension, no getting stuck in the sand. Likewise, we see the exact purpose of the rebel speederbikes in Return Of The Jedi - again, personal offroading vehicles for going REAL fast in places where conventional vehicles can't. You also have to take into account that in the super-high-tech world of Star Wars, the technology for speeders and speederbikes is relatively cheap and plentiful.

On the other hand, what would be the point of the (probable) massive expense in producing non-AV ground vehicles that *float*, particularly for city use? Sure, the potholes on RED probably get pretty bad but I somehow doubt manufacturers of high-tech vector-thrust vehicles take the road conditions among the poor, hungry and downtrodden into account when designing their next product.


I think normal bikes would be cool though, like maybe the one in Ghost in the Shell... i think thats where I say it...


There was talk about ridable vehicles before, motorcycles, rollerblades, skateboards, and the like.
I think there where issues because with a car, your being put into a different 'room' and that entire room moves around.  With a ridable vehicle, your just on it , there cor still suceptable to attacks and other annoyances.  Gads I wish I knew where that post was...
Alright Alright I'll find the quote, but they already exist in the theme I believe, as I read some ambient population cutting up people with their bike/scooters that I believe hovered, on Gold. :)

And yeah allandra, many such topics exist, and a simple search should find them... or clicking on one one of the first ideas pages....

Here you go:

Express Tube [to Red]
'....Pedestrians attempt to cross the street, but hovercycles and cars zoom by cutting them off at the knees. The sound of teenage laughter gives you all the explanation you need.'

I wasn't saying that ridable vehicles will never or should never be part of the MOO. Just that there are issues with how it's gonna be done. I mean Cars just got released to the masses.  And with the coders already full and ever expanding plates, it'll prolly be a while before we get to fly by someone on a hoverbike and take thier head off with a cricket bat.
Oh totally and I think that other current projects are more important. I was just giving some insight into Murphy's themely argument, not your technical one.

I wasn't arguing theme, I was arguing logic. And the fact that something has been slapped into a desc somewhere doesn't necessarily mean it's themely.

I'll repeat my point in simple language:

Floating/hovering ground vehicles in an urban setting are pointless. There's no reason for them to be there.

The 'because it's cool' argument can't really be valid, unless you don't mind annihilating suspension of disbelief. This is the trap MANY sci-fi movies fall into - tossing technology around just to make things look 'cool' which ends up completely destroying any world realism.

I see hovercars and bikes as all terrain vehicles... My idea was just a minor change at the description and the skill it uses (piloting)...

I also assume that it would be more efficient to use them on the filthy streets of red than a weeled vehicles, will all those corpses, trash, corpses, piles of rubble, corpses and of course trash, getting into the way and into the weels...

Hmmm... Cars getting stopped by trash/corpse that got entangled into their weels and made one of them lock...

big screeching sound...

loud bang...

horn going off non-stop...



just a normal route taken by a satisfied customer on his way out of the shop...

Quote: from Xeethot on 2:52 pm on Aug. 29, 2003[br]I also assume that it would be more efficient to use them on the filthy streets of red than a weeled vehicles, will all those corpses, trash, corpses, piles of rubble, corpses and of course trash, getting into the way and into the weels...

That's exactly my point. Hover/vector thrust/whathaveyou technology is much more complex and thus much more expensive. The vast (VAST) majority of people for whom this sort of vehicle would be useful in any fashion cannot and will not be able to afford it. Thus, the market is limited to a small handful of people who are most likely criminals. The profit margin just isn't there. There's no reason whatsoever for a car lot in Withmore to carry these types of vehicles - at most they'd make a few extra 100k chyen. This does not offset the licensing costs to sell these brands of vehicles or the advertising money. Furthermore, due to this incredibly limited market, finding a garage to service these vehicles is most likely VERY difficult. That, and if you run out of gas, you're fucked all the way into next week because you can't push the damn thing around and the thrust assembly is likely to be damaged from the fall, even if it's only 1-3 meters.