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Napalm Soccer, anyone?

Whatever happened to the concept of sports?

Imagine the fun to be had, they could be televised or just held in a back alley.

All we need is a few sports items, or maybe just a few commands that could be used to make the outline of a game. Throw and catch are already in...

Any ideas?

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 12:12 pm on Sep. 11, 2004)

Well... you could roleplay it. I mean what's more important? Coded football? Or coded fatigue?

And you're MORE than welcome to write a Babble-On script.

Invent a game, make the rules up, and script out an event.

On the TV: Jon says, "This is Jon Fumble reporting from high above the Hyper-Bowl in Tokyo, Japan where a crowd of over 4 million has assembled to watch the Tokyo Dragons try to take the Championship title from Neo York Sluggers in what promises to be the most exciting game of Hyperball you've ever witnessed!"

Want to see it happen? Get involved and make it happen.


I encourage this since we got lots TV channels now :P

Can you change the channels already or we'll have to buy an universal remote?

Some of you can. We're working on making purchasable broadcast receivers so you can control what you watch.

Damn the man for filling your world with monitors blaring the things -they- want you see and hear. Damn them!