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Spraypaint Vending Machines
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

Alright, this is just an idea for those of you who like graffiti and whatnot.. uhm.. what do you think about vending machines that sell different colors of spraypaint? That way you could pick the kind you wanted, and it would never be completely impossible to find bright green spraypaint when realistically it should be sold in every home-improvement store around.

Personally, I think like every home improvement store I goto they should have a paint mixer so I can order some paint from the guy just like I'd order a beer from rychek.

I have yet to be in a home improvement store that mixes custom spray paint.

But I -HAVE- been in a home improvement store that did not have the colour I was looking for.

If you can't find it, my bet is it is out of stock. Ah well, tough shit.

Well as far as I can tell every single color of spraypaint is out of stock in every store on SD.  But maybe I'm just checking the wrong stores..


Browse man, Browse for everything.

In the market?  Last time I went looking for spraypaint there I gave up after three hours.  :(

I tossed a shit load into the stores tonight. There was a shortage, isn't any more. :)

With the ambient population and all that I am sure that there would be every color of spraypaint imaginable. I mean if you look at real life you can find thirty different shades of white now that is a little extreme but how about a wide variety of colors?

How about we stick to what ANSI colors we have available to us?

Do you really need to spraypaint in burnt sienna? Or is brown sufficent?


I demand burnt sienna!

<magenta>Can we </magenta><bold><italic><font size ="24"><new car smell>have spray paint cans that </i></bold</new car smell><bright cyan pink> spray on there own</bright cyan pink>

I demand SD have coded support for Smell-O-Vision for that new car smell and sewage run off.

Well, if Hiro gets burnt seinna I want some Pthalo Blue!!

Whatabout poop green?

I'm going to close this topic because it's rapidly deviating from the orinigal topic, and I think it's been played out.