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Starting-area Map

Greetings. I'm brand new. Still stumbling around. I could not locate a map, so I created a basic one of the starting area.

I'd be for any pointers on things I missed in my travels around. Also if someone is really interested in expanding the map, I'm will to give out edit access as well.


IC info like this is not appropriate to post OOCly...

Find a Streetterm in-game. Then go to this website, and the dropdown menu by your username. 'Manage Characters' then click 'Access Grid'. From there login if you already have one, or 'Register your SIC'. Then look for the Maps link. Wala.

Hey there, welcome to the game.

There are maps. you find them In character. Use the grid. :)

Use "Immy" the automated hologram at the gates. He should direct you to a street terminal.

Ask us questions as well using "xgame" and your question. It's a good group of players who'll work with you on it.

Have fun!

I closed access to the document, after seen everyone freak out in game.

My apologizes. I simply assumed in a world with the technology to build a 16-mile wide dome, there would be maps easily available to new immigrants. My mistake.

It will not happen again.

Your character has access to IC maps. YOU the player, do not. You play the character, NOT the game, as it were. :)


The maps are available in-game. Providing them OOCly is not good (and doubly so when they have inaccuracies!)