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Steal and numbering
Because firsting everything is a bit odd.

When you try to steal X from someone, and they have multiple of those items = it will fail with information that it's not sure which one to steal. As a result, you have to get into the habit of prefacing any item you want to steal with "first", which makes the command pretty long. unwieldy and a bit just odd. For example: steal first wallet from XYZ

I think it's a bit odd, and honestly unless you specify which number of the item you want, it should just grab the first when encountered with multiples. In the end, a wallet is walled, and if you didn't gather enough intel to want a specific count one, you should be happy with the one you will get. You have to add the first anyway now, as there is no downside to it, and if you won't, and the person has multiple items you will have to wait for the cooldown to pass before correcting the command.

A default would be nice but I think it should be randomized. Otherwise, people can be meta and stack multiple items in front of the first.
Makes sense to me, I went with first as that is what you now simply add to a command to be "stack safe", but random makes a lot more IC sense.
Picking a randomized result instead of saying 'i don't know which one' has been discussed a bunch. I've just made it so.
Awesome! Thank you very much!
Hell yes. I have always wanted this to be a thing.