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Stealing from the market.
hey, where'd that go.

Shoplifting from the market would be a cool idea, really no reason why you shouldn't be able to do it.  None that I see anyway.

How about lack of coded concequences?

Someone would just get their thievery skill real high and clean out the market in half an hour.

Yeah, but if you ge caught, a bunch of merchant's gang up on  you., b/c you know that with as bad as the place would be, merchants would have agreements to help each other out.  Beside, I've always wanted to throw down with that smiling girl.  Once again, serious.

those shifty smelly mexican boys, too!

yeah, maybe you browse later on and when you come across someone you stole from before there's a chance you get recodgnized (assuming your not wearing a shroud or helmet or something)  and try to jump you.   Or maybe when you get caught they immeadately call TERRA or something. (though unless you get caught really often you couldn't totally stop someone from using the market)  you would also have to differentate between markets if that hasn't already been done.

I think its a good idea, but there definitly needs to be consequences.. I was thinkin' something along the lines of..  Get caught stealing.. and no one will sell you anything at that market, and no one will buy anything from you.  Kinda like bein' blacklisted.. I mean.. you could have it just for that one market, and if they get blacklisted from all of the markets.. well.. sucks for them.  Plus it should definitly be harder to steal from the market then it is from a store..

naaw, I think betting totally banned the first time you get caught maybe a little too rough a punishment.  But getting mobbed by people from the market, and possibly TERRA may be a good idea.

TERRA being involved would prolly involve GMs.  Which the problem I think..  There wouldn't always be people around to inforce the consequences.  I think being blacklisted from that market would work very well.