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Stenography via e-notes
Taking dictation on the fly

Is it possible to add Stenography as a skill that you can do via e-notes? Writing down what you hear and automatically typing it down with associated voices. Maybe give it an INT roll for how well you can type and occasionally add dots like when he.rin. pe.ple w.isp.r o. ...r ph.nes.

Since names can't be assumed known by the PC, default each character's voice as attribution. Messy but works.


You begin transcribing the conversation.

JaneBana begins typing rapidly.


-Dialogue happens-



Save this note? [yes, no]


Note saved.

> READ convo ON E-NOTE

Firm, authoritative voice: What country you from!

Scared and stuttering voice: What?

Firm, authoritative voice: 'What' ain't no cou...y I kn.w! Do they spe.k in 'What?'

Scared and stuttering voice: What?

Firm, authoritative voice: English,! Can you speak it?

Scared and stuttering voice: Ye..

Firm, authoritative voice: Then you unders..nd what I'm sayin'?

Scared and stuttering voice: Yes.

Firm, authoritative voice: Now describe what ...sellus Wa..ace .ooks like!

Scared and stuttering voice: What?

Firm, authoritative voice: Say 'What' again! C'mo., .ay 'What'! I ya, I double dare ya ...herf..ker, say "What" one .ore g..dam. .ime!

The above is almost completely legible, so perhaps this is good enough for being at curve. But it's just an idea.

This would save soooooooooo much time and have soooooo much more things "typed" be automatically IC.