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Stim Patches
And the like

I've been thinking about stim patches and how they need to be placed on a major artery.  Well, who is most likely to use one?   People who fight for a living or survival.  There expensive, which means only the more wealthy can afford them.  Well, what else can wealthy people afford?  Armor!

But when your wearing armor, you can't use a stim patch because your major viens are covered!  

My idea would be for something injectable, that stops bleeding, atleast, not sure how it would work, but it would make more sense.

Do you mean like an artificial co-agulator that stops bleeding? Because I think they are around IRL, and it wouldnt be hard to implement, it would just stop the bleeding. But if you have a large injury, such as a blown off arm, than I dont think it will work for that sort of thing, but I may be wrong.

What I mean, is something injectable, maybe the same nano machine type thing that is in the stim patches (I think thats what it is anyways).   Because anyone who wants to use a stim patch has to either stop and take off whatever armor they are wearing to expose a vein that is useable (not likely in combat) or wait till combat is over (might die that way) or flee in order to use it, and that defeats the whole purpose of the stim patch in my mind.

Where you say it defeats the purpose, I say it balances the powerful nature of a patch that stops bleeding with no medical skill.

The 'stabilize me with medpak' verb on the medpak!  A 300 medpak will stabilize you with no medical skill in no time at all and you can use it during combat (if your a twink)!

The 'stabilize me with medpak' verb on the medpak!  A 300 medpak will stabilize you with no medical skill in no time at all and you can use it during combat (if your a twink)!

I agree with Nemisis here. Having to spend 5k on a patch that won't work in combat seems questionable. You might as well just run to the doc. When you take into account other things used for combat (like drugs that cost 1/5th of the healing patch to boost stats), I don't really see the balance here, especially if you can stabilize bleeding with a 300c medpak which can be used multiple times.

5000k + no medical skill + 1 use v.s. 300c + medical skill + multiple uses

Okay What about a new item, The combat autoinjector. strap it on and put in a vial of your favorite meds and cover with armor.  When the character wants to get a dose they press a little button peeking out under the armor.  They get a dose and can go back to fighting.  If a friend is down from wounds, you could press it for them. (got the idea from hammer's slammers. but of course their's were build into the armor and you pulled two tabs.)

You could even have different models.  Some with 1 vial/choice  available, some with multiple vials/choices.  Even some that could be built into cyberware and activated by a thought.

just an idea from a CP Junkie.