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Stinky stuff

I finally got around to looking at Bansupuro Park - good job Iga. It looks great. I love the Radio Shack pun whether it was intended or not.

Here's my suggestion or idea or question I guess....

Would it be possible to have people come out of their being sorta smelly? I mean you're walking through raw sewage just like in the sewers and no one comes out of there smelling like a rose.

I think it would add to the ickiness factor of the park.

i've been in the new BP a few times now, just wanted to say that i love the fact that it FEELS much more organic, not just the descriptions of the streets and ambient pop, but the meandering paths themselves... don't know what to expect after every step, the old BP always left me thinking, 'there really should be more nooks and crannies here'.

hey! you could even get lost in there... *pauses* well.. -I- could... or hide in so many shacks and paths... and the idea of another market area is great...

*claps* wee! i like it. *wanders off*

hrm.. oh yeah... Tash has a point, it doesn't feel like a place you would go in pretty clothes... at least not if you want to keep them pretty.