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Street-side Sit in Restaurants

Hey All,

Was just watching Blade Runner, and it got me thinking. Of all the things we have in Withmore, we dont have a sorta sit in street side food vendor, like the ones that appear in Blade Runner alot. For example, first scene with deckard, he goes to what looks like a bar or counter, with a slight overhang, that sells noodles. No door, but just the seats and a bar for the vendor. I think this would be a great addition to the game, especially in red sector. Also, to go with this, is Kanji a recognized language in withmore? like could a vendor have a sign in Kanji?


Ps Id be willing to write the description for this, if anyone is willing

I think if umbrella code which prevents wearer's could be integrated into the seat object code of an "sittable" object - this would be a pretty easy win. Location would need to be key due to the nature of the venue.

Japanese is a language in the game, but as far as I know, languages are only implemented for speaking and not for printed materials.