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Surplus & Shit inventory

Can we add canteens to the S&S inventory for crate runners or maybe The fallout shop?

Already as a store item there. I see six available in stores. There are almost 40 in game at the moment. Just because something isn't at one store, doesn't mean it isn't available someplace else. That goes for quite a few items that players keep looking for.

Where the hell have I been shopping ?! Unless that was recent I coulda swore I scavenged every story i know looking for one, lol..


40 ingame? Yikes...

This almost borderlines on a request level @bug. Surplus and Shit stocks that nonsense, however, people tend to horde them or misplace them.

Ask around. I'm sure tons will turn up...

I went around the mix and all six of them musta been bought up because they're gone and the market is empty.

I'll figure it out ICly one way or another.
This isn't a @bug because it's not a bug. =-p