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Survival Chrome Ideas
For when you just want to live life

Johnny took away some of the madness and provided some instruction on how to format these threads, to create a better environment for both devs and people searching the forums. So I am reposting some ideas from a deleted thread here.

Cyber Chest Slot

SK Lazarus System II

Named after the Lazarus Effect, is a chrome that upon a trigger, creates a fake death like state, reduceing your form to a proper corpse for up to 30 minutes, as determined by a preset timer adjusted by a CyberTechnician with preexisting in game devices. Upon conclusion of timer, corpse springs back to life. Exhausted and requiring immediate medical aid.

Cyber Abdomen Slot

Last Ditch II

A simple 1 or 2 use taser that can disrupt a grapple, recharged by a cybertechnician with existing devices and disposable battery packs. Key facts, simply disrupts the grapple does not render opponent unconscious for any length of time, does prevent grappling for a cooldown to prevent immediate regrappling.

Let's think about how the Lazarus works with people who connect and disconnect. If I get bored while I'm 'dead' and log off, what happens at the end of the timer?
For Last Ditch, I think it would be better if it worked with rapid discharge capacitors that were fed power based on your activity. Do stuff throughout the day, build a couple of charges for your next daring escape.
PRI CyberLungs - Made for spacers originally, these kick in in situations lacking air such as drowning, atmospheric venting, and similar. They provide (X) amount of time of air upon a lack of oxygen, and requires a refill over time in order to refill. Provides you a last ditch attempt to save yourself in case of emergency. Maybe has a benefit when paired sinus refactor or other air flow based items.
CyberLungs could come with the ability to force it to inhale like a vacuum and exhale like a leaf blower?
I mean I'd love that but not necessary.

Predictive Subroutine Chip - A chip that monitors the body and sends occasional corrective signals down nerve pathways when it senses the owner is about to make an error, such as tripping on the sidewalk, losing grip on the steering wheel, or fingers fumbling over each other on the keyboard.

Raises luck.