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Tactical Gear/ Custom Armour
Not from scratch custom armour, just customiseable

Recently got some gear, and it is pretty cool. But was thinking it would be awesome if there was a way to be on par with cybered up characters without actual implanted cyberware.

Like tactical head gear, with optionable accessories, low light vision, a HUD or thermographic vision. I know there are already goggles for this, I mean an actual piece of armour with this stuff integrated. With an on/off switch, seems kind of tacky taking off a piece of headware every time you don't want low light vision etc.

And certain stores could stock upgrades, swap things out as you saw fit. E.g swap out a HUD for a thermo lens. I realise this would be incredibly expensive equipment. Would just be cool to see, and handy for people close to PDS or against implanted Cyberware for whatever reason.

And, what I meant by customizeable armour was, it would be great if there was a Kevlar weave or something similar in the material dispensers. Tailors would be able to make custom armour. But not be able to change the stat values of the armour.

Just some thoughts, feel free to shoot them down :P

The problem with that might be the fact that people with horrible stats would then take kevlar weave and make a full body bullet-proof condom that covers all their bits.
One can already cover one's bits with the equivalent of kevlar with existing armour. The simplest way would be to have materials that have a cost based on the maximum amount of coverage areas they can cover (there are 22 in the clothing matrix) and maximum armour value.

Final armour value could be determined by the armoursmith prioritizing damage types in order of importance and final armour value being determined by rolling the relevant skills when @finalized, within the constraints placed by the armour material type.

Nobody has the stats to survive lots of large bore bullets. By that logic, armor itself would be undesirable.

Especially helmets.

it would be cool if you could use your tailoring skill to adjust the visual look of the armor. I realize this would give more work to the GMs and staff, but with a submission process to make sure you aren't turning a piece of body armor into a "gentlemen's top hat"

Just a thought

Quote from Grim: The problem with that might be the fact that people with horrible stats would then take kevlar weave and make a full body bullet-proof condom that covers all their bits.

Don't forget about the weight of all that armor. Yeah it might cover all their bits, but if they're a little weakling in the first place, they're gonna move like a sloth and get exhausted in no time.

I've always thought there needs to be more middle ground as far as armor is concerned. Now we have mixer bits that are little more than reinforced jackets and pants, and then there's high end xo5 and judge armor, only one of which is really available, and that one is expensive as all hell to completely assemble. To be quite honest I think even they are a tad too weak. Making extremely high end armor(eg nearly unattainable, like judge, or xo9 or something) a bit more protective, then sorta dispersing a few others in between, or allowing tailors with good skill to make their own low to "almost high" grade armor would fill the void nicely.
also armor "implants" like flashlights, or thermos, or servomotors to improve speed and strength, though I don't know how hard they would be to code, would be super sweer.
LOL at the ballistic tophat.

Yeah, this is CP, not James Bond.

"What else would you have for me this time out, Q?"

"Bond, I think you'll find this curare tipped stiletto disguised in a wingtip shoe quite indispensable indeed!"

On the other hand, Stephenson's Neo-Vickys in "Diamond Age" might have gone for it.

I could easily see Nic strutting around with a ballistic top hat.
I know more than one that would love a ballistic/ slash proof suit.