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Tailored mask disguises
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A special fabric used to create player-made disguises. I've always thought hoodies and ponchos acting as disguises is dubious at best, and I think it would be way more fun to have more unique costume ideas available. Think about it, do you want to be robbed by a guys in hoodies, or do you want to be robbed by guys wearing Porn Puppets masks? Potential hilarity aside, the V-style possibilities for infusing masks with a messages are endless.
even surgical masks, or bandanas added with hoodies, and other kinds of masks could be used to conceal the face, added with glasses or something, if the entire head of someone is concealed they should be concidered shrouded. Even if you icly know who they are, you still couldnt see their face.
So the no tailored disguise rule has always been a game balance thing. You can't tailor functional things because the amount of shitty tailored things is incredibly high (refer to @review-cloth) and allowing us to tailor disguises even if they are masks will just make disguises completely broken because of how abundant and unregulated they will be.

If you want masks to cover your identity I say, get a balaclava (yes you will look like a bank robber but it's exactly what you would look like if you tried to disguise your face) or settle with non disguising face masks.

What makes disguises so good is that they are generic.

I think a while back I did suggest tools that worked as advance disguises for people who actually have the skill, which worked like holographic disguises that allowed you to impersonate another person or create a brand new persona. But of course this would require a lot of code and very skilled user to make it work. So its probably never going to happen.