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Tattoo flash
see something you like??

 Alright... I think I got a viable one this time. I'm thinking along the lines of the menus you see in the bars and restaurants, the ones on the counters. What if we could set up something like that for teh counter at a tattoo shop? A little menu of pre-set designs that customers could flip through, interactive and all..  type the number that corresponds with the name of the design that strikes your fancy and get a little preview of it.    I bring this up because I feel that no tattoo shop is complete without flash, and flash that you can really look through. not just stuff to decorate walls with. that's what paintings are for and posters and all..  Anyways let me know if it's doable cause I'd really like to see this one.

could kinda be like the book of law in which you have pages of designs.

Yeah, using a book as a parent and setting it as @immobile would be pretty good.

It's definitely possible that we could do that.  However, there are IC tools are each players disposal that could render the necessity for this moot.

First.  All the tat is, is a description.  You could just compile all the descriptions into an e-note, and RP it like they were pictures.  People could look through the e-note.

Second.  You could actually get a fun cam and take pics of all the tats you've done.  Just shoot <person> with <camera> ( I think that's the verb anyway).

Then, after you've got the picture, print it out.  If you have a tattoo parlour, as some people do.. let an admin know.  We can ICly take the photo, make it immobile, integrate it with the room, and make it like it's hanging on the wall.  So you walk in and see:

The tattoo parlour is lit from above.  More desctiption more description.  La la la.  It smells like candles.  Pinned to the wall is a photograph of Snake.  Pinned to the wall is a photograph of Plissken.  Pinned to the wall is a photograph of Bob.  Pinned to the wall is a photograph of Goku.  Pinned to the wall is a photograph of Opal.

etc. etc.

Or just keep the photos in a briefcase or wallet and show them off where needed.

Perhaps though, a scrapbook object would be interesting.  It would be a book you just put photos into and you can turn pages and see the different photos.  I could get behidn something like that as well.


Well, the e-note and funcam ideas you bring up are already being put to use, I just think it would be better to do something like the scrapbook style thing. Having friends who own and operate their own Tattoo shops in rl, I can tell you that they have numerous books of flash up front at the desk, both generic tattoo ideas, and portfolio style books of their previous works. So, something like that being fixed to the counter for open viewing by any who choose to do so would allow potential customers to get an idea of what they want, as well as what the artist is capable of without even meeting the artist. From there, appointments can be made, drawings can be made up, and so on and so forth. While the fixing of pictures printed from a funcam to the walls might be a good idea, it doesn't address the issue of denoting which tattoos are the artists on said person. A lot of characters on game have multiple tats from multiple artists, thus making it a sort of false advertisement issue. I just feel like it would be easier to work around this issue using the scrapbook style means.

On a sidenote, generic tattoos are great but I've noticed nearly if not all tattoos on characters in-game are custom per each character. I mean, who wants to a generic tattoo in-game? The whole point is something unique to the character's identity.

Absolutely, I agree, but some people need a little help getting an idea, so generic tats can become a template for what they want, take this from that idea and let's add this here, and change this part to that instead..etc. etc.  That's really the idea behind  flash in the first place, to give an idea to someone who's on the fence about what they want.