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Tattoo's and nakeds
suggested for town hall

In sindome, i know me any many other people have trouble reading and seeing text in sindome despite our love for the game. and this leads to bits of the description being missed and so on-

Tattoo's in sindome, similar to tailored clothing and paintings are a work of art from player to player. a wonderful feature in the game to show individuality. but the issue with large tattoo's is they just blend into the large chunks of yellow @naked's text.

body art is something unique to each person and it stands out, the first thing you notice about people with tattoo's is usually the tattoo's right. so i think they should be more obvious.

simmilar to ansi colours for makeup a new feauture was added in the past few months for injuries to show up in dark red/brown ansi colours (i think thats what they're called) to make them more obvious things that someone should notice so why shouldnt tattoo's have the same treatment? they could show up in green, pink. blue, bright white, purple, any colours besides yellow and red really. i hope this is a feauture that could be added soon.

~posts in the town hall fourm~

-Also tattoo's showing up with a differant ansi colour would be really cool.

-Totally agree with the tattoos having color options.

I think that tattoos should default to a different non-yellow color on a person so people can distinguish a tattoo, from a person's real @naked. I also agree that tattoo'ists should be able to alter the color of certain words and sentences in order to describe the tattoo more vividly. Not sure how this would actually work code wise, since tattooing is really hands off in my opinion. Maybe add it to where different %color% kind of things could be used like in painting?