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Tattooing Unconcious Persons
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

It'd be cool if you could just tattoo simple things on people when they're knocked out without doing a skill check. But I don't know how abused that could really be, so.. discuss or something. I guess. heh.

It would be pretty cool, dunno how fair it would be to the street sleepers, IRL it's debateable wether someone would sleep through being tattooed. (would depend on the person, and the tattooist I guess)

in any case nobody can wake up from being tattooed IC wise unless you just happen to log in at the right time.  (or johnny thinks of a way to text your cell phone every time your charcter gets in trouble ICly and your not around.  Would that be a little overboard?  :) )

I would think at the very least you would require a higher skill to tattoo someone who was sleeping without waking them up.  cause if you weren't an experienced tattooer you'd be more likely to be rough?  

or johnny thinks of a way to text your cell phone every time your charcter gets in trouble ICly and your not around.  Would that be a little overboard?

At one point, I was experimenting with texting my cell-phone (Sprint PCS) from within the game. There is still an @johnny command on the admin side that tries to send me a text message. Unfortunately, Sprint changed the way it works and you've gotta go to a Fing webpage before you can submit the SMS message.

When I get more time, I plan on bringing this functionality back for myself first and if it works well enough, to you guys too.

Obviously, my SMS pages would be more system oriented, like 'Johnny we're out of processed soy food-product at Bitchn' Chickn'', or 'Umm ... the server's crashing, save me Jeebus, save meeee!'.

You get the point.

Hm..  tattooing, huh?  Would be kinda cool to scrawl something across that ganger's face who you just beat to unconciousness.  

Sinner1 collapses on the ground in an unconcious heap.

Artery2 gets out his tattoo gun and goes to work, scrawling "ARTS" on Sinner1's forehead.

Tattoo guns?

What's wrong with good old fashioned razor blades, damnit!