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Tea Please?
Alternative drinking in the kitchen

I would like to request the addition of various teas as a kitchenette item. We have everything else to drink but tea. I'm completely willing to name and describe these items. I can even think of a few CP spins to add. I know it's a trivial request but, thanks for reading.
Several kinds of tea exist, but there is a technical problem keeping me from adding the tea to the store at this time. :)

I lost wifi when I went to post (sheesh) but yea, many teas at various places each with their own description. :)

Though, you mentioned you thought of a few CP spins? That could be interesting.

In the meantime, the handful (or so) of us will have to use the in game store, but maybe, more than one place can carry same teas as we support our local tea shops. :D

to thecraftydragon

I was actually commenting on the lack of tea in the grocery store. Local tea shops would be neat though if I understood your post right. Hydro tea handpicked by silver plated mini-droids anyone?