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Temporarily Altering the Coverage Status of Armor on the Fly
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

Was wondering if it'd be possible to temporarily alter the coverage of certain armor materials (and possibly other clothing articles) within the game (i.e. Xo3, mesh bodysuits, biohazard suits, etc.. basically anything that covers up the hands and chest/neck areas, or anything that covers the entire body). Something like.. you want to take the gloves off of your Xo3 or something to access a palm-reading door, or tug off the helmet part of a biohazard suit to scan your retinas on a door somewhere.. or you want to pull the neck coverage down to slap on one of those nifty healing patches . I dunno. Just a few examples and ideas. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Yeah, that would solve lots of problems...

Pricipally when you don't want to undress someone in the middle of RED to apply a patch.

(Edited by Xeethot at 5:15 am on Oct. 5, 2004)

More likely to happen would be the rebalancing of armor.

Presently we have the low-end, and the uber-high end (in a one piece body suit with matching helmet).

The uber-high end shouldn't have ever been released without some middle gradients, and I'm of the opinion it has no business being a one-piece-covers-all, although that may be up for debate.

Also, armor degredation needs a refactoring.

If you want armor that's more fine grained in terms of coverage sooner rather than later, I absolutely invite you to get some materials and describe a set (one thats not a 1 piece bodysuit), and submit it for conversion to armor. What's really needed is some more realistic clothing items on both the low and mid-end: Bulletproof vest, flack jacket, leather gloves, etc.

That way you could remove just your gloves, or just your jacket.

I envision we'll eventually replace Xo3 with something more realistic and fine grained in terms of coverage,  yet compareable in terms of overall defense. In the mean time, the middle stuff is more important and takes priority, because it has a greater effect on a greater number of people.

As for having to strip someone to apply the patch... how do you see this changing anything? Either you give a command to change (someone else's) clothing coverage (!??!?!?!?!?!?!) or you give a command to strip it... which seams more realistic to you?

Would a 'rip' verb help, so you could tear the clothing off people regardless of what's covering it?


P.S. Your neck isn't the only place a patch can be applied.

Well... I actually do have a part of an old webpage of mine that was all about CP 2020 stuff...

Care to take a look?


And ripping clothes wold be okay. That's the standart ER procedure... cut the clothes around the injured area and then treat it...

But that brings the idea of people having to @trust you as yhey don't want their Xo3's ripped by a doctor....

And yes, I know there are other places where we can patch someone, but the neck is the less revealing of them.

(Edited by Xeethot at 4:10 pm on Oct. 5, 2004)

How would you rip armour, or am I just being dense?

Quote: from Bias on 6:11 pm on Oct. 5, 2004[br]Uhm
How would you rip armour, or am I just being dense?

Lasers and ginsu knifes!

I will gladly design some armor to be submitted if you wish. �I'll start on it soon as I finish studying.


I've been looking for something to do with all this goddamned material.

(Edited by Aikao at 9:36 pm on Oct. 5, 2004)

I've never used the patch, but from what I hear..  Maybe you could just make these patches applyable no matter what your wearing.  I mean its perfectly feasible for me to lift up my shirt and apply this patch.  Theres no reason i'd have to take off my trench coat, armgguards, leather gloves, sword scabbard, machete scabbard, gold chain, armband, bracelet, flak jacket, and shirt.  Given the flak and trench were unbuttoned / unzipped.  

I think it should be left up too the players to be realistic about.

Everytime we let it up to the players to be realistic, they don't.

Well that sucks.  Obviously you wouldn't be able to put it on if you were wearing a full set of xo3, or Judge armor.. or something like a skin tight body suit.. but otherwise I see no reason you couldn't just lift your shirt up and slap that bitch on there.  If it was during combat, I wouldn't really expect a long emote about it, though.

Obviously you wouldn't be able to put it on if you were wearing a full set of xo3, or Judge armor.. or something like a skin tight body suit..but otherwise I see no reason

You crack me up, dude.

In the same breath, you list the exact reason, and then go on to say 'I see no reason...'.

Too damn funny.


Well jesus, i'm just one of those people that doesn't like when a few ruin it for everyone else.  I know I'll never be using these patchs, if I have to undress to put the fucking thing on, which sucks.  That was the point I was making.  I'd rather see it coded similar to the way xo3 was, at one point. (When it wouldn't let you wear things over it. or was it under..?). Where you can't apply the patch if your wearing something thats on a list, xo3, judge armor, etc. Alas I know thats alot to ask for, and its not going to happen.

(Edited by Nemisis at 10:54 pm on Oct. 7, 2004)

You don't have to undress.

You just have to expose a major artery.

I hardly think that's asking alot...

As for a few ruining it for other people, you'd be singing a very different tune the first time we left it open, and your character died because something was left open, and someone got an unfair advantage because what they did was ICly questionable, but technicially allowed.

I can just immagine the guy armored to the gills on every place on his body (using small pieces of armor, nothing on the blacklist) just applying patches as fast as he can, headless of the fact that he's in the middle of combat with a katana in each hand.

Players have unanimously refused to police themselves, and it leads to no end of frustration for everyone when something questionable happens because everyone has a different view of what's possible and what's questionable.

The only option is to enforce the rules with code whenever the opertunity to gain an unfair advantage arises.

This is just one example.


Something I should probablly add:

The patches are ment for emergencies. They're suposed to be doctors tools, and ment for inclusion in first aid kits, and people who deal with trauma and injury (medics, judges, etc.)

They arn't designed with a street sams in mind. They just happen to be a street sam's best friend in an emergency.


I wanna slap one on my forehead!  Straight to the brain rush!

That's gotta do something, right?

Probably kill me.

Okay, so.. �Having Xo3 on is one thing. �However.. �What if you have something like a shoulder holster on overtop of it? �What if you have a few over it? �What if you're wearing clothing overtop of the Xo3?

If you want to put one of those patches on, you're going to have to take it ALL off. �Every last bit of it, unless its underneath that armor.

This gets kind of annoying, seeing as Xo3 Mesh covers up the neck (I think the helmet does too, actually). �Perhaps make it so the Xo3 bodysuit doesn't cover the neck? �I dunno.

EDIT:  I spel leik gud.

(Edited by Aikao at 8:35 pm on Oct. 20, 2004)




EOL?  Is that like the ELOL?  I made the ELOL up.  It stands for *Evil LOL*.  Like the emperor in star wars, when he laughs, thats an ELOL.

EOL: The escape code used in word processing applications to denote the termination of the document, or End Of Line.

Made famous outside geek culture by the Master Control Program in the 1982 Disney movie, Tron.

"End of line, Dillinger."


Ah, I've never seen Tron.  But I know what you mean.


Quote: from Nemisis on 2:32 am on Oct. 21, 2004[br]Ah, I've never seen Tron.  

Never se... what the FLYING FUCK is wrong with you?