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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Maxwell

I'm not sure if or how this would affect things, but given the recent disapperance (for either IC or OOC reasons unbeknownst to me) of Judges, I think that either -all- TERRA agents or at the very least Marie and a single Agent should be given the ability to levy fines against those they arrest.

Ok, now let me expound (without revealing anything IC)if I may.

Judges lately (it's no secret) have been few and far between.  If TERRA agents were given the appropriate knowledge of the Law (a book of Law?) and sentancing guidelines, they could handle a lot of the lower end crimes by themselves.  

If a fine did not get paid, or the crime was a serious one, then the Judges obviously would be brough in.

We've had the holding facilities at TERRA pretty full for about a week now.  I've called over public SIC, I've SICd WJF-Ops all to no avail.

We all play this game, to have fun.  It's not much fun to log in every day and sit in a cell.  That's why prison sucks.

In any event, talk it up.

Yeah, but then that'd pretty much elimate the purpose of judges. Plus, being in jail does suck. My character was in there for 5 days.  And, it seems Murphy's controller is dead or something. So...

While its possible it doesn't seem entirely themely nor plausible. There is an active player base which is much much smaller than the ambient population of red. So you have what, three TERRA agents? Now, granted its been a while since I was in a math class so maybe the little pups can do it better but that ratio seems astronomical to me. 3:58+ million. �And that population is supposed to be lawless. Think the American Wild West, only with the populations of New York, London, and Los Angeles mupltiplied by two and added together. Now think again about there only being three TERRA agents.

And TERRA wants to fine the people they arrest? Ahuh, sure. And maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but isn't the reason TERRA is on RED and not the WJF is because its not economically feasible for the WJF to go where they're basically walking targets?

The only way for this to work would be for there to be more TERRA agents, but again how many do you want there to be?

I remember a while back when it seemed like every third player char was a judge. �It was just silly considering how lawless and uncontrollable the place is supposed to be.

What I'd really like to see, and I'm more than willing to help do this, is more NLM news reports on exactly how lawless red is. More indepth reports on food shortages and riots. Reports on large scale gang warfare. Car theft rings. Stuff like that. Heck, just regular news reports would be a good start.

While my character may not like all the SIC ads someone is placing I think they're great. Kudos to whoever is doing them.

As to the being in jail thing. That's been adressed several times on the boards. Its not that bad if you've got SIC access or a phone. You are still able to earn UE for all those UE whores out there.

My foot is asleep dammit!

Just so you all can read it again (or for the first time if you're a n00b)

(Edited by Tash at 5:48 am on Aug. 17, 2002)

And how many of you have applied to be a Judge?

I wanted to!..  But Like a dumbass I went and got Aikao a criminal record for..  PICKPOCKETTING!  GAH!..  anywho..  I..  had something interesting I was gonna say, but I forgot it..  D'oh..

I'm with Bias, there needs to be more TV...

Yes I said MORE TV.

Just fewer commercials and more PC's or NPC's on the TV, reporting, news sports, entertainment.

(PS this was not a shameless plug for someone to get a job)

*scrolls up looks at post, scrolls down reads Dom's, scrolls up looks at post, scrolls down reads Dom's* For a second there I thought you had said you agree with Bias...which is strange because I don't think she's posted anything...*shrugs*

ANYWAY! Yes Red is lawless, and anybody that would actually "Listen" to a TERRA agent, be there 3 or 3,000 is plan dumb.

TERRA: Hi I'm a rent-a-cop! Stop that at once or I'll call the WJF
You: Ok big bad scarey person, I'm sawie. I'll nevwer do it again....*bit pouty eyes*

For that matter why anybody actually listenes to ANYBODY in authurity is beyond me.

Bad guy1: Shit it's the fuzz.
Bad guy2: There's only 12 of em!
bad guy1: Hrm 12 of 'em 2 of many you think you can take?
Bad guy2: Well I got four rounds left....7?
Bad guy1: Sounds good.

Think theme here people, lawless means just that. Don't take shit from nobody!

If somebody should die from eating to much raw red meat, fuck him, throw him on the fire. More meat for the rest of �the meat eaters!

(Edited by TheFinn at 3:35 am on Aug. 17, 2002)

I'm with Max here... TERRA should have the power to fine people... Of course whether they ever get paid is another matter. As TheFinn pointed out, red is lawless place but this doesn't mean the law should have no power but just that it isn't listened to...

Heh... I'm just going to sit here and laugh. Don't mind me.

*laughs madly and wipes a few tears from his eyes*

Quote: from Shadow on 6:41 pm on Aug. 16, 2002[br]�And, it seems Murphy's controller is dead or something. So...

It's called "Spending the better part of the month in an apartment with no phone or cable and making out with your fiancee".

It's a fantastic experience, I recommend it to everyone With their -own- significant other, not with mine. I have a gutter shovel, so stay back.. I will be walkin' the beat again soon...oh yes...very soon...uh...soon-ish, that is.

*eyes the thread*
*eyes dom*
*pats Dom on the head*

hallucinatiing again are we?

well.. uhm.. ok..

here ya go.


all better.

*eyes the thread again and wanders off to pack*

(Edited by Bias at 10:48 pm on Aug. 17, 2002)

Yay to Murphy for having a life! Enjoy it.

no, TERRA should not have the power to fine. There are reasons for this, at least for the time being.

But that doesn't mean you can just like...bribe them. Like, come on, they get paid shit!

TERRA: "hey punk, that gun there is illegal."
Punk: "So?"
TERRA: "I'll have to take you in on charges."
Punk: *pays TERRA Agent 1000c*
Punk: "Go away, I have things to do."
TERRA: "Indeed, lovely evening isn't it."
TERRA: *Saunters on down the street*

Oh, and Murphy, congrats.

or better yet:

TERRA: "hey punk, that gun there is illegal."
Punk: "Still works just as well as a legal one though, huh?" *loots corpse and saunters off down the street*


Be-u-ti-ful. I love the way that was put. I like this one myself, well I did when I was TERRA anyways... Should have done it a few times.

TERRA: "Hey punk, that gun there is illegal."
Punk: "Really now."
Punk:*draws his gun and attacks*
TERRA: *Disarms and uses said gun to kill Punk*
TERRA: "Yeah, it is..."
TERRA:*loots corpse and saunters off down the street*

Maybe it's just me.

*apologizes to tash for calling her bias*

*goes and takes more hallucinations*

You're -seeing- more hallucinations, you're -taking- hallucinogens!  Get it right!!! NOW!

Lol, sorry Dom. :( I just had to point that out, like the bitch that I am. *hugs*

*cries some more*

Its okay Dom, you're young. You can learn from your mistakes still and besides its better to be called Bias than Wren. *snicker*

I know it is, Bias is a demi-God... remember? I'm -just- slightly below her on the chain... which none of the rest of you happen to be on. A pity.

Remember, though... we are all actually Johnny, who is pretending to be Damon, who is really Johnny!!!

Wow, whacked out theory there...

Who is the founder of that school of thought?

I like it!  I have often felt that I might be Johnny at heart, pretending to be Damon, who is actually Johnny.

Anyone else ever get this feeling?

Ever get the feeling you're talking to yourself?
xhelp! more drugs for any of you....

yay, more for me.


Aikao, have you're fucking pudding... I'm with King on this one....


Speaking of pudding, whatever happend to that Bill Cosby guy?

One of those things you don't think about until someone brings it up.
WTF did happen to Bill Cosby?

No, no, not the REAL Bill Cosby.

Sindome's Bill Cosby. He had his name changed to something else, though.

Now turn around, and put ya lips on mah jello puddin' pop!

*runs off screaming like a raveing lunatic* Noooooo!!!!! k-keep that puddin pop away from me.... for the love o... help god... NOOOO!

and you all thought I was the insane one....

But you are....aren't you?  I'm confused.


i think i could get used to the whole demi-god thing, really i could... at least if people would only start making sacrefices to me on some sort of hand carved alter with pretty fire and flames... much flames would be apprecieted.

please and thankyou.

and jello's bettah then puddin!

Want a flame?
I got your flame!

You're stupid! You're ugly! Your idea is stupid! Burn in Hell!

Haha! Get it? Flame? Flame? Like, flam...nevermind. I swear I thought it was funny.

This post is going absolutely nowhere! The conversation tumbled from the mountain, to the hills, to the lowlands, and it's heading for the sewers!

What the hell was the point of my posting this anyway?... oh yeah, it's mainly because I don't like the fact that Lotus could get ahead of me in number of posts.


But it's obviously useless.

(Edited by Tylissa at 9:48 pm on Sep. 4, 2002)