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The adult channel no one can watch.
An adult PPV channel with a TWEEST

I heard Cerberus suggest a PPV adult channel in ooc one day. Although it may have been a joke, I've got a twist for this idea.

What if you could never actually watch the channel clearly? The programming would be behind the PPV paywall, which wouldn't be available in-game. Instead, you'd get random messages like:

"You see a head bobbing up and down. At least you think it's a head. wait that's a rug cleaner commercial."

Other prerecorded commercials would come in nice and clear (hmm, you desperately think while on the sofa late at night, that Judge telling you to obey the law is *kinda* fappable...). Just when you think you're going to see some actual naughty parts? Back to the obscured stuff again.

If someone puts this on fix-it I will do it tonight.

Television content is for the most part dictated by what players and player RP puts up there.

If you want to see something on TV, push for it. This doesn't need to be an Ideas discussion.