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The frackin' Grid (IDEA THREAD)
Just... ugly, man. Fixes?

Okay, so I understand the gritty vibe cyberpunk is mostly about, but the grid is just butt-ugly. I understand some shit happened to it, (understand is a bit strong really), but help me out here.

If the window is supposed to represent the actual terminal, IMO there's no point because it's a MOO and imagination is key. If it's not, then it's just conveying the point wrong. If it's going for a matrix vibe, it's missing the mark with the graphics and generic font.

But enough bitching... I'm here to start a brainstorm. Not about code, because I know bugger-all about that stuff, but just the look. This could be implemented in the current grid or GRID 9.0, it's just visuals.

My idea/vision (this is futuristic, not retro):

-Yellow, pink, and blue bars for top menus.

-Futuristic font, like

-White background

-Triangular icons

-animated cursor

Alternate retro-themed idea:

-Low on graphics

-Pip-boy-like UI, simple, unicolor, lines and text

-Generic console font, like Lucida

-Think 4x3, tube screen, etc. Retro.

I'm no graphic designer, but I can throw together some basic concepts to visualize.

Just toss whatever ideas you have, maybe something will come of it one day. Coders and scripters and such, feel free to converse in technicalese, as long as you're throwing around ideas!

I think the grid should be in comic sans.

But seriously, the only thing that matter for the grid is better integration with the in-game environment. That's it. Everything else is ponies and fucking butterflies to me. UI design is for the birds.