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Them Crappy Packages!
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

I think it'd be cool if there was a way for people to wrap stuff up in paper or whatever, like those crappy packages certain NPCs give to people for varios reasons. Similar to gifts as well. Like those presents during the NLM christmas thing. But these could be made by players to put items and/or money into. Just have a command or something that can do that, and it'd be friggin' sweet, I think. Hell, there's paper on the damn ground! Wrap something up with it if needs be!

Heh...wrapping Christmas gifts in newspaper....that's the best way to go. Man...

*goes off to save up his newspapers for next Christmas*

Sorry, what's wrong with the gift wrapping station?


What's wrong with the gift wrapping station?  It's upside down and inside out, that's what's wrong with it.
Anyways....I can just imagine some guy walking into the Drome ready to complete a deal carrying a package wrapped in polka dot paper.

Yes, I believe the use here is more illicit goods being traded while concealed on red. A gift wrapping station on green can't fulfill that need Kev in the same IC way as being able to wrap something in newspaper can. Now, what I can see is making it possible to use things like newspaper objects (and its related siblings) to wrap other things.

In my book: it will happen one day

or large amounts of money wrapped in a package that you can manipulate like a normal object (seeing as you can't plant, hide, etc. chyen).

And why not just having it be a command you can use on the steets of RED?  There's garbage, oily papers, trashbags, and all that good stuff all over the place, ain't it?  Seems it'd be littered all over the streets.  *shrug*

(Edited by Aikao at 3:56 am on Aug. 13, 2003)