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Thermo camera
Little pet peeve

Thermo cams don't show their location when giving updates. They will just state "On the monitor you see: one red wiry man in a green environment" when the room state changes if someone walks into them.

This makes it horribly annoying if you have several thermo cams hooked up to the same system. You will know someone is walking around in one of the rooms you have a therm cam, but you don't know what room that is in. Could it be possible to add a small marker of the location like you have on all other cameras ?

So "On the monitor you see: one green man in a red environment" would become

"On the monitor you see: "-66666@ That place with the great chicken] one green man in a red environment"

I believe the reason we don't include the name for the thermo camera is because its not a normal camera, so its not giving you enough information to know that is place X.

Granted, if you put the camera there, you're going to know that its place X. But that camera could be moved and then you wouldn't know where its at.

Perhaps a camera number/ID readout when you look at it?

"On the monitor for camera 34 you see: one red wiry man in a green environment"

Being able to label cameras yourself would help, too - so it has a nice 'should-be-here-but-might-not-be' indicator.