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A good way to be IC

So, when I first started playing, I didn't know other people could see when you 'think whatever' and I found it a really good way to get IC, and sort of.. mold who your character is, by there thoughts.  The same sort of thing would be doing emotes, when your alone, to just enjoy being IC.  I think it would be a cool thing if there was a think command that only -you- could see.  I know it would help improve my RP...  To orginize thoughts.. if I had one in RL, this post might make more sense.

*Hides in the corner thinking to himself.*

I once played on a MU* where characters were given an OOC 'journal' to write in to chronicle their characters' IC lives as time went on. Only they and the admin could read it.

I thought it was a spiffy idea. In a month I'd written about ten pages.

Yea I concur.
And it just seemed like so much -planning- and -work- involved. I've never been real good with keeping journals, in case you can't tell. Or anything that need planning, really.
But thinking eez goot.

You don't need planning to journal. You just write it as you go.

Players can write notes about their adventures thru the command @add-note and view them with @notes.


I just amazed my roommates with the backspace thing.
I wonder if they're be interested in the @notes?

Sometimes I worry about you, girl.