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Throwing Items
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Damus

Okay, I've heard a bit about code for throwing items. Well< iwas working on my MOO about ten minutes ago, when I ran into the need for throwing an item from one room to another. Anybody who codes should know that this is not a difficult task, define a few messages on the item for people to see when it comes into the room or flies out of a room, make sure there is no door there, then use $thing:moveto(exit.dest) to make the object appear there. After considering this, I wondered why sindome has nothing like it... At least that I know of. My use for it was tossing a grenade into a room. There are many other uses too, delivering of things without being seen, etc. Tell me what you think about it, but it was just a thought.

Perhaps because your proposed method is so simplistic it wouldn't belong on Sindome? What of time delays and the option to catch thrown items during their transition from location to location? What of skill checks for accuracy of a throw? What of damage to a door if one exists in the direction you're throwing instead of just saying you can't throw stuff? What of throwing things at specific targets, player or inanimate, with the intention of causing damage and reflecting the targets reletive ability to dodge/block/catch the thrown object? What of objects thrown at prone, grapple or unalert player targets? What of throwing things -to- people with emphasis on allowing them to catch it in the next room?

Moronically simple code like that which you suggest is why Sindomes -old- throw system was disabled. Quite simply, because these factors and others weren't taken into account, the method you proposed caused -alot- more problems and bugs than you could imagine.

I mean, first problem... assuming your thrown object isn't going to insta-move to the target location, where are you going to store it while it's flying through the air? If you store it in the current location, a quick player or someone using triggers will be able to 'get' or otherwise manipulate the object while it is in the location as though it were on the floor there. Leave it on the thrower and he will be able to manipulate it and call any verbs on it while it is technically airborne, perhaps causing bugs by giving it to someone after throwing it and screwing up all kinds of things.... oh, I give up, this post will be -endless- if I point out all the flaws in the system you propose.

Look at the kicking post started by Mael I think it was from in game with the skittering state and all.  I'm not proposing moronically simple code, I'm giving the jist of what's going on, the item is being moved.  The whole thing with the skittering would be pretty tough, yes, (and with throwing it'd have to be flying) but with all the interestingly coded thing in this MOO, I know that somebody could pull it off.

Thats just it... we don't want to release something simple. And we aren't going to release it unless you can counter it.

Hehe... We're on two different forums talking about essentially the same thing.  Yes, the system that I am proposing can be countered, it does take MANY factors into effect, and it's not that simple.  Look at the other post... Kicking, rastus said what I didn't feel like typing, all the different factors, but I'm sure there are a few that he missed.

The basics of throwing and catching are working again. You can throw things at people and at exits and if you prod kev, I'm sure you could throw them off roofs soon too. No, you can't throw things at people -through- exits.

Please report the bugs with this as per the usual manner.


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