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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Katie

I know watches are available for precise time needs, but it would be very beneficial if a 'time' command could, without a watch or other aid of course, inform the player of roughly the time of day...just short adjectives, like 'Very early morning' 'dead of night', etc.

I think that's a valid idea...I"m lucky I live close enough to the Dome Zone, th at I know about what time it is all the time, but someone in australia has to do a bit of math to figure it out.  It would help someone RP time a bit too.  It may be 8pm where they live but 8 am in the dome, and they don't wanna get drunk and 8am

Don't the ambient weather descs take care of that? I mean, when it's not raining?

There are 4 'times of the day', walk outside and you'll see them, no matter what the weather.

No rough time of day via  the 'time' command will be forthcoming.

Yes, it is hard to work out the time difference, so I make sure my characters always got a watch on. Not like they're expensive in any case.