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Tools for abduction.
Well, usable tools.

As far as I know, the only handcuffs available to characters are fuzzy pink fake handcuffs that can be removed by absolutely anyone including the person wearing them.

Which is kinda lame. The only other cuffs in game are illegal and unremoveable.

It would be cool if we could get a more expensive set of handcuffs that could be removed by anyone who wasn't wearing them, or with a code/key.

Also be swanky if there was a 'resist' command similar to grapples that could break the cuffs.

I also heard there were gags available IC, but in over a year of playing I've never seen one. That coupled with a hood to remove a players vision could make for some awesome abduction role play.

The gags are a lot like the fuzzy cuffs.

I want real cuffs. For cops, abductors, anyone really. They'd come in handy. Maybe harder than a grapple, to get um on, but grapple checks afterwards are easy for the grappler.

There are a set of handcuffs available in-game that work quite effectively. Acquiring a set can be challenging but they're ultimately very worthwhile. To fight abuse, I believe this is why they're one of the only sets out there.

Yeah, I know there's a set of functional cuffs in the game that are very hard to acquire.

I mean a midway set. Not impossible to remove. But unremoveable by the cuffed player. Abuse is potentially possible with any item in the game. Just be cool to see maybe some TERRA level cuffs or something.

That's a worthy opinion. I'd just gotten used to relying on the fatigue code as a more effective solution.